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Big Boi f. Vonnegutt, "Follow Us (RMX)" MP3


The appearance of Linkin Park at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday reminded us of their collabo album with Jay-Z, which we'd long forgotten, mostly out of necessity (couldn't deal). Transplanting rap tracks originally built over beats onto pre-existing, unrelated live bands feels uncomfortable at best, like trying to stuff a large foot into a tiny shoe (or vice versa). At worst, it is like getting your brain scraped out by a zombie wielding a dental mirror. On the other hand, Big Boi has a better rapport than most with his Purple Ribbon house band Vonnegutt—and perhaps a better rapport with funk noodles in general—so the jamband version of "Follow Us" actually kind of rollicks (plus the secret prog inclinations of the Vonnegutt bros are really doing it right now). For the sake of our craniums, though, let's keep this kinda thing to a minimum, hmm?

Download: Big Boi f. Vonnegutt, "Follow Us" (via 2 Dope Boyz)

Big Boi f. Vonnegutt, "Follow Us (RMX)" MP3