MIA, “Teqkilla (Mshini Wam Boot f. Gnucci Banana)” MP3


DREAM SUMMIT: MIA and Gnucci Banana (above) hanging out being rad together, somebody needs to make this happen NOW. The sheer creative brainpower could power the large hadron collider for like 73 years. Maya! Are you reading this?! Holler at our girl! Until they collabo and make strong awesome women across the world feel great about the future, we get the next best thing: the Mshini Wam boot of “Teqkilla” by Gnucci’s husband Spoek Mathambo, as seen on his HIVIP mix for us. Anyway, seriously, make them do a song together, someone!

Download: MIA, “Teqkilla (Mshini Wam Boot f. Gnucci Banana)” (via First Up)

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  1. Feebee says:

    nice song.. i like tis..

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