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Gucci Mane f. Estelle, "Grown Man" (Prod. by Wyclef Jean) MP3


Whenever these Gucci pop collabos come our way, there's always the hope that lightning will strike again and we'll get another "Break Up" or another "Obsessed" (Remix). This is neither of those things. Instead it's a duet with a wildly miscast Estelle that is produced by Wyclef Jean. AKA this is Gucci's "safe" song. Of course, Gucci being Gucci, he still manages to throw in some stuff about getting high while rapping in the monotone voice he occasionally uses when he wants to distance himself from his emotions. The fact that we can even draw that kind of conclusion says quite a bit about the way his style has developed and forked into so many directions. Is this like when George Clooney gets in involved in Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over so he can make enough money to do Good Night, and Good Luck? Check it out after the jump.

Download: Gucci Mane f. Estelle, "Grown Man"

Gucci Mane f. Estelle, "Grown Man" (Prod. by Wyclef Jean) MP3