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Behind the Scenes with Glasser

For our current cover story on Glasser, Cameron Mesirow (Glasser herself), a writer and a photographer spent two days driving around semi-upstate New York, hitting the Dia Beacon museum, getting some French fries, going to an ill bed and breakfast in Hudson, getting some tacos, playing a tiny piano. There was a bunch of talking on the phone, some talking to a little girl, some car naps, etc. Photographer Gabriele Stabile, in addition to his super fancy camera, brought along his Super 8, and filmed the extras. We'll have the full text of the story up soon, but for a taste of all of the in betweens of making a story, watch Stabile's film. And for a full feeling of the Glasser experience, see her tonight at Amoeba Records or tomorrow at the FADER-sponsored Mondrian Sessions.

Behind the Scenes with Glasser