Suite903: Bruno Mars & Damian Marley, Marsha Ambrosius & Jesse J, Tennille & Brothertiger

While the rest of us were pulling out our hair waiting for the Willow Smith wig-whipping video of glory, the world was (sort of) ending for Bruno Mars. No need to focus on his troubles but you kinda wish he'd stuck to his “Liquor Store Blues” rather than other, slightly more illegal vices. How troubled are you, Bruno? How can you be in such sorrow with this beautiful jamrock-infused gem? Soul does come from the blues, we suppose. Damian Marley lends his well-versed knowledge of struggle to this tune and, of course, a slight edge of credibility to the reggae. Not that Bruno needs it—he might just be the best new thing around in a while. Hate to sound like a mom, though, but feeling invincible will fuck you over. This song is definitely a great distraction from his issues... even if it’s about his issues. Wait, is that irony?

Marsha Ambrosius' remix for "I Hope She Cheats on You," featuring some of Brooklyn's finest, is just as sarcastic but less bitter than the original—typical smartass Fabolous talking shit always works on R&B songs. When’s the last time you heard someone say psych? Kat Stacks references and an SMH?! Fab, you're so popular culture! No idea why he hasn’t already made a trending topic out of #ihopeshecheatsonyouwith. Maino attempts to take the high road, but having seen dude on TV, no one's convinced. We also took note of the Monica references, which is kinda disrespectful but whatever. Go ahead and feel yourself.

Our best discovery this week is Jesse J (thanks Hattie Collins). This chick is the light and the way. Besides the fact that the voice coming out of her seems to be possessed, notice how comfortable she is SAAANGIN into the microphone while sitting down. It’s like nothing to this woman. Her two-step sort of looks like a dutty wine but honestly, she deserves the hype. Her myspace boasts recordings as well as videos, which we prefer because her range and talent makes much more of an impression live. Also she co-wrote a little tune called "Party in the USA" and if you say you have not done at least four body rolls and a Shakira shake to that song you are a goddamn liar. Anxiously awaiting more material from this lady.

Check out DJ Treats ( in pre-labor day white) talking to Tennille, Bronx singer/best friend of Jade, about her moniker and her upcoming projects with live NYC visual art in the background.

And here's a darkroom chat with Ohio electronic pop musician Brothertiger at Union Hall, complete with sartorial discussion.

Suite903: Bruno Mars & Damian Marley, Marsha Ambrosius & Jesse J, Tennille & Brothertiger