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Video: Ciara, "Speechless"

Surely a ton of dudes are going to talk about Ciara's dance moves in a different, probably more lascivious context, but can we just say: those mini-stomach rolls she's doing with her abs? They are insane? Clearly this chick works out five times a day? And could beat up anyone we know? Just looking at that shit makes us reach for the Tiger Balm, hope our trainer never sees this video. Anyway, for one of Ciara's least Aaliyah-invoking videos visually, this is one that's emitting the most Aaliyah-like vibes. Maybe it's the Dream gloss on the track, the straightened hair, the exposed belly and the dim lighting... okay, yeah, this is basically an Aaliyah video. Great song, though. Can't be mad.

Video: Ciara, "Speechless"