Fuck Yeah Fest: A Video Recap

Early this month we sent FADER West Coast correspondents Maud Deitch and Julia Bembenek to the FYF Fest, also known as the Fuck Yeah Fest, also known as the hottest day of their lives. With Bembenek on the lens and Deitch asking the hard-hitting questions, they scoured the rough terrain of Los Angeles Historic State Park, chatting with bands and watching some totally kickass sets. Although there was way more fuck-yeahness in those 12 hours than we could catch on tape, we did manage to capture some sweet live moments from Warpaint, The Blow, Best Coast and The Growlers, and told stories and cracked jokes with Magic Kids and Delorean, Kaela Maricich of The Blow, Stella Mozgawa of Warpaint, Davila 666 and headliners The Rapture. Tales of mistaken identity, shows past, fantasies not yet lived and tacos just consumed abound, as everyone attempts to keep their wits about them amid the heat and excitement. Enjoy!

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