Interview: Homeboy Sandman

Queens native Homebody Sandman is as dexterous as he is funny, an awesome, prolific rapper who’s super-smart even whilst clowning around. His videos alone are enough to keep him on the brain—like, how could you forget a dude who shoots lasers from his hands, or employs backwards-running diapermen to illustrate a point. But it’s easy to get nestled inside his flow, his scrape-y voice weirdly comforting even when he’s rapping at 160 mph. On the cusp of two new albums and an upcoming appearance at Atlanta’s A3C Festival, we chatted with him about his forthcoming projects, Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince, green smoothies, and various other matters of import.

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  1. Grey Matter says:

    Do yourself a favor and buy his albums or listen to his music. It will give you the energy that you are currently missing, and fill that musical void.

  2. Naheem Adio says:

    This interview is sooo dope. Homeboy Sandman stay rising like a Pheonix; he’s GOOD POSITIVE Hip Hop.

  3. Jessica E. says:

    I like the fact that boy sand is using single producers on his future projects.

    WHAT’S A GREEN SMOOTHIE? Sounds too healthy :p

  4. Zvi says:

    Sandman is best heard live, because he brings so much energy to the performance. I strongly suggest that anyone that hasn’t seen this dude perform go and see him. You will leave happy.

  5. ACT LIVE says:

    The Boy Sand is by far one of the most interesting and inspiring people to work with in life, without a doubt. For those of you that have worked with him, spent time with him or are related to him (ha), you know what’s up. Cheers to the homie! Check out the single we drop, ‘King Of Kings’, this coming November featuring Homeboy Sandman, Moses Rockwell & P SO.


  6. GOOOOO FADER for repping the NYC Hip Hop Scene! We need this coverage to further ourselves and let the world know that independent, hard working artists are just as relevant today as there Main Stream (pop tart) counterparts!