Around the World with A-Trak: Europe, LA, NYC and Back


Where does the time go, where does the time fly? We’re long overdue for another edition of Around The World. The question is how am I going to fit two months into one post? Let’s look at some highlights.

After spending the month of July in Europe, I was back in America for the first half of August. I hopped onto the Fool’s Gold vs. Stones Throw “Discotheque” tour, which you can read about here. High point: boat party in Vancouver. High point outside the gigs: eating a $60 burger in SF made from kobe beef topped with foie gras. At the end of that run I stayed in LA to DJ the Teen Choice Awards. They had me up on stage mixing in and out of commercial breaks. Seems like the music we’re making is reaching a wider audience, and I got a chance to play some of my songs on national TV for the teenybopper market share. I also saw Diddy scream at a production manager. You know, fun stuff. Note for future reference: never do the red carpet right behind the Kardashians.

Munich. Photo Eric One.

Then for the second half of the month I headed back to Europe. I started with the “-ich” towns: Zurich and Munich. The Munich venue was interesting, it was inside a museum that was originally built by Hitler! I told the promoter “You waited for me to get here to tell me this?” Obviously it’s completely different now, and I actually had a great time DJing that night, playing much longer than planned. Then I went to the Netherlands for the Lowlands festival, where I was slotted between a mau5 and a Lazer. I remember when I played “Barbra Streisand” the crowd continued to sing the melody for super long even after the song was done, over other songs! After that I had a few days off so I went to meet my French cousins from the Ed Banger family who rented a house in Biarritz. My mom had just brought me back a traditional robe from Morocco (above) called a gandoura. She said “men wear those around the house, they’re very comfortable,” so I brought it along and it became my vacation garb. Mehdi was proud. As the weekend approached, I headed back out to combat. First stop was Brussels for one of my favorite parties in Europe, Forma-T. Then came Dusseldorf, all I remember is that’s the day I caught a cold, and it stayed with me for three weeks. Germs from Germany. And finally I went to London for SW4 Festival. It takes place within the city (the name is a zip code) so there are these sound regulations that are pretty strict. It’s really too bad that the sound was so low. I stayed in town for an extra 2 days though, as it was Notting Hill Carnival. I filmed a segment for the BBC TV show “No Hats No Trainers” and also played a few parties, including the album release for Count & Sinden in a room with elegant chandeliers. For me, playing these Carnival parties was a great counterpoint to all the festivals and late-night clubs that I was doing right before. It gave me a chance to play a mixed bag of disco, boogie, classics and UK funky and it was just what I needed as a nightcap for this tour.

SW4 Festival, London. Photo Justin De Souza.

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  1. James5 says:

    I filmed a segment for the BBC TV show “No Hats No Trainers”
    Here it is!!!

  2. anon says:

    i love you alain macklovitch