Suite903: Deuces Take All with Chris Brown and Drake

If there is one thing I have learned (or realized, rather) from this buzz behind Chris Brown's "Deuces" remix featuring Drake, Kanye West, T.I., Andre 3000 and Fabolous, it is there needs to be a new Best of Both Worlds and it must not, in any way, shape or form (including DatPiff mixtapes) include Baby or Beanie Sigel. Now sure, there has been past speculation claiming Fabolous and Ne-Yo were going to lace something up for a full album. Shucks, even T-Wayne had me wondering how many units these dreaded out fellas could sell. However, it is now clear... Chris Brown and Drake. Game over.

Download: Chris Brown f. Drake, Kanye West, TI, Fabolous & Andre 3000, "Deuces (RMX)"

Think about it. Most artists love taking any opportunity to talk about wanting to be diverse with their music, having a lane which was previously unoccupied for their tunes, yadda yadda yadda, right? Nah, those lines are no longer working in 2010, heading into 2011. Whether people want to admit it or not, it's all about image and backstory. And no, sorry, saying you are from the streets, have penned hits for Beyonce, discovered Justin Timberlake or even ghostwrote for Diddy will no longer work. You must now present yourself with something so interesting and so non-music related in which it becomes evident consumers want to "see" you (concert sales) more than they may necessarily want to hear you or over-analyze your rhymes with criticism.

Sorry, I know I am going about a million, trillion miles a minute, but let us do the math very quickly. If Chris Brown and Drake were to take their "Deuces" remix collaboration to the next level—say maybe a couple more collaborations, one on Drake's upcoming R&B mixtape and another which could serve as a bonus cut to Brown's forthcoming Fame LP—their buzz would grow increasingly.

Think back, prior to their 2009 domestic dispute, Brown and Rihanna were caught up in nearly every "latest couple rumored to get hitched" blog across the internet. Long after their tumultuous split, she got caught up in dating rumors involving Drizzy. A few paparazzi shots later, Drake referencing their relationship on "Thank Me Later" had the Internet going nuts. Shucks, even Chris Brown was rumored to have been taking shots at RiRi and Drizzy on "Famous Girl."

Even though I preach how important it is to have dope music rather than a dope backstory, seeing and hearing these two alone would definitely bridge the gap between hip-hop and R&B fans. Although I felt Drake was going to be the "Universal Soldier" when his album dropped back in June due to his ability to sing and rap, I realized he merely represented a smaller upgrade from the likes of Andre 3000 ("Love Below") or even T-Pain. Therefore, put these two together and you have an official Best of Both Worlds sequel.

I also feel these two would be dope off the fact they are young "kids" in a sense. Even when R. Kelly and Jay-Z dropped their collective effort back in 2002, they were in their early 30s. So, you have Drizzy and Breezy in their crazy early 20s and you have something which could really turn big.

They're also in a similar situation. Hearing those heckling fans at shows and yet having Drake coming to the defense of Brown. I mean, think back to 2004 when Jay and Kells re-released Best of Both Worlds, Kelly was facing child pornography charges and yet they still managed to be a success. How fitting is it Drake (as Hov) is the rapper in the situation and then you have Brown (repping Kelly) in a similar ugly situation... really trying to re-spark a career.

Only time will tell what happens, but with Drake's album "only" going platinum at this point and Brown looking to keep his buzz hot, this should be a no-brainer. Food for thought. Deuces.

Suite903: Deuces Take All with Chris Brown and Drake