Video: Azealia Banks, “L8R”

Not sure how we missed this one—we premiered the track (life anthem!) and at one point even strongly considered going to Jersey (on a Saturday!) for the video shoot—but not gonna dwell on it. It’s not even about visuals for this chick, though for the most part Banks is charisma 101—this just proves she can cut up a track even whilst rapping coolly, casually poolside. Pirahnas are kinda cute till they bear their teeth, you know? Here’s to a million more tracks and her debut on XL ASAP. Harlem’s finest.

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  1. Fllygirlz says:

    Love new talent. Love this girl too. Hope she don’t change like all the other females in the game. The ones that strip down to a bikini and shake they tail feather is the ones that I talking about. The ones that remain street and covered is the ones that seem to like other women. Sistas can rap and sing and still have talent. Come back Lauryn we need you!