Marcus Söderlund’s Romp in the Woods with Lissie and an Elephant

Swedish director Marcus Söderlund has a way with making ordinary landscapes seem like they’re shot from Middle-Earth. In our interview with him in FADER 63, he told us, “I look for the same stillness that I find in Andrew Wyeth’s paintings. It might sound silly, but his paintings make me calm.” Suffice to say, though, Andrew Wyeth never dealt with animals like this. In his clip for lovely singer Lissie‘s “Everywhere I Go,” he drove home her point of traveler’s vertigo and lust for home by taking an African elephant very much outside its element, letting the trekking creature and the singer wander together through a plain, a woods, by the sea. The result is sweet and human and, like all his videos, somewhat goth (it’s the lighting). And lo, the landscape! Check his site for more of his work for The Tough Alliance, Jenny Wilson, jj and ceo. You could get lost in his works.

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  1. Emela says:

    Adore it!

  2. Bighorrorgrrl says:

    I want that elephant , really really bad.

  3. Danny says:

    Got a lot of love for world of ms