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Tim Hecker, "Apondalifa" MP3

Tim Hecker, how are you gonna do us like that! "Apondalifa" in its original form is nearly nine minutes long and so intense that it feels like some kind of spiritual journey. Below is the first half of the track, which is (weirdly) split into two pieces for the 7-inch it's being released on. We can't speak to how this will sound when coming out of the old hi-fi, or if the interruption will work, but coming from our computers it is HARSH TIMES. Like, we're chilling, getting real into it and then bam—too bad for us. It's over. Just cut off. Considering Hecker's last full length In an Imaginary Country was simultaneously one of our most listened to and fallen asleep to records of the last year, is it so wrong for us to ask for just a little more? Whatever. It's still awesome. Get it (and other similar stuff) from Room40) (via P4K)


Tim Hecker, "Apondalifa" MP3