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Premiere: Apparat, "Sayulita" MP3


Apparat's DJ-Kicks comp is an exercise in beauty, with evocative tracks from a wide swathe of producers ranging from Ramadanman and Joy Orbison to Pantha du Prince and Oval. But the Berlin-based musician's mission is best expressed in his own gorgeous, Kicks-exclusive track "Sayulita," a spacious sojourn into pretty, malleable processed guitars and wistful atmosphere. Only he's a smartypants: just when you think you'll be overwhelmed with the loveliness, he cuts it out and lets the drum fill ride out, knowing when his friends on the dancefloor are ready to quit holding themselves and do a little sailor shuffle. Super lovely. Homie's DJ-Kicks drops October 26.

Download: Apparat, "Sayulita"

Premiere: Apparat, "Sayulita" MP3