Two of Lifes Greatest Things (the Band Real Estate and the Show How I Met Your Mother) Join Forces

It’s as if someone up in the entertainment heavens was feeling particularly kind. Monday’s episode of How I Met Your Mother ended with a series of scenes tying together all of the lost but not forgotten dreams of the characters (except Robin, who was having trouble getting over a breakup. Her ex-boyfriend took her dream job but there isn’t one she can automatically ascend to, kind of like with Ted and the NYC skyscraper. Or whatever). To illustrate these misbegotten hopes, HIMYM was soundtracked by two solid minutes of Real Estate’s “Beach Comber,” with the totally perfect lyrics, What you want is just outside your reach. Non-spoiler alert: none of what you see above will make sense if you haven’t seen the previous 20 minutes of the episode, but it’s crazily sitcom-poignant if you have.

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