Video: French Montana f. Fat Joe, “We Run NY”

If this was 1984, French Montana would obviously be a graffiti artist/b-boy in addition to rapper (it’s elemental) and would take some REAL bomber’s umbrage at getting his face tagged all over his video. A Beat Street-style subway chase would ensue, and someone would maybe get shot in the ass, no third rail. However, it is 2010, and the graff effect is even more baffling—an homage to Fat Beats (RIP)? Regardless, this song is kinda perfect afternoon beasting track.

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  1. Sir Indie says:

    Eh, not impressed. I’d let it keep playing if it was on the radio, but think I like it enough to go buy the song/album.

  2. spookywhite says:

    Let’s not forget homage to Company Flow’s video “end to end burners” that did the video graf first circa 1999.

  3. spookywhite says:

    on second listen/viewing…video is kinda lame-the graff being a poor crutch for able body video storytelling…the KRS-1 hook is respect though.