Tent Posts: Austin City Limits, Day 2

Day 2. Instead of running stage to stage today, we decided to take a calmer approach. We began by hanging out in the grass, prepping our ears for the Black Lips, Local Natives, Dan Black, LCD Soundsystem, MIA, and many many more. But it became immediately clear that we were surrounded by high school students. Righteous midriff abounds. Misty-eyed surfer boys eat ice cream and stared into the distance.  The hottest part of the afternoon and we already needed a nap—or a “pick-me-up” as a fellow festival-goer suggested (AKA Budweiser o’clock.)

Then it started, and from literally the first chord it was obvious: this was the rightest place to be, in a rare moment of festival certainty. The Black Lips brought the first mosh pit (still a gentle, kind of bobbing one) of the weekend. The crowd was finally giving security something to worry about for a moment. The music was garage-y and a bit sneering but then, wait—now it’s soda shoppe pop? Awesome.

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