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Tent Posts: Interview With Devendra Banhart

Devendra Banhart & The Grogs, his cool backup band from SF, was definitely a high point of Austin City Limits, and we intend absolutely no pun with that statement. Before his set, though, we got a chance to hang out in a backstage trailer area adorned with Mexican blankets (not sure if that was at Banhart's request or if they were just already there) and shoot the shit on camera. We brought a Ouija board, figuring if anyone would partake in a weirdly occult activity, it would be him. We were totally wrong, though! He doesn't like playing the Ouija board AT ALL. So instead we just looked at the Ouija and talked. Not exactly playing the game, but it's gotta count for something. Also: we left the trailer, chugged some Budweiser and shaved our heads after this conversation ended.

Tent Posts: Interview With Devendra Banhart