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Video: Ciara, "Gimme Dat"

At this point, Ciara's videos are just vehicles for her body, DaVinci-like studies in anatomy and scientific documentation of how far a human person can do a backbend. It's not even truly sexual, though clearly that's the overarching text—Cici's flexible and a freak and a half, so they want us to think, so much midriff, so much booty. But anyone who's spent significant time in a dance class knows that sensual form is just that—form first, sensuality last, the isolating of muscles and athleticism above anything corporeal or lusty. Met Ciara one time, was struck at how tall she is—close to seven feet, it seemed—so these flicks might as well be her dunking on 'em in the WNBA, particularly when she binary-fissions into five players. One chick, a full team: she's more muscle than maneater. Shout to her belt-bustier and drop-crotch jeans in the end. That ensemble is hella Copenhagen.

Video: Ciara, "Gimme Dat"