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Ariel Pink Cameo/Performance on The Multinauts

The Multinauts is an online sci-fi TV series that shares a lot of Ariel Pink's aesthetic sensibility—so much that Ariel himself recently made a dual cameo in a new episode of the series. Spoiler alert, we guess, but it really says something about the confluence of tastes here when his role as an initially scary/ultimately helpful sewer mutant actually works better than his flashier, though less essential to the plot, performance as the lead singer of Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti during a space party (though that performance does occur simultaneously with a blood-soaked battle). Decide for yourself: the sewer mutant spot comes around the 11:00 mark and the full band shows up at about 16:25. (And for you Yo Gabba Gabba! fans, DJ Lance Rock is in this episode, too.) (via P4K)

Ariel Pink Cameo/Performance on The Multinauts