Contest: Win Like a Million Fela Kuti Related Prizes


You know how when you’re a kid you just want your birthday to last forever, but it’s only one day and you eventually learn to accept that and then you get older and you wish your birthday was zero days a year and you could just stay young forever? None of those things are possible. In fact, the only way you can get people to celebrate your birthday for a really long time is to do a whole bunch of awesome and legendary shit that directly influences like everyone in music ever. Fela Kuti could safely be called one of those dudes, and as such Knitting Factory Records is knee deep in reissuing his entire catalog (so many albums), promoting the still-running musical about his life Fela! and doing a whole bunch of stuff around his actual birthday on the 15th that involves a nation-wide FELABRATION (wokka wokka) running from today through the end of the month (more on that after the jump). For now, stream some jams below and hit us in the comments for your chance to win a copy of the next six reissues and/or a pair of tickets to the Fela! musical. You have to get yourself to New York to see it though. Don’t forget to use a real email address so we can let you know if you won. If you’re not trying to risk it, there’s also some promotional info to get discounted tickets after the jump.

If purchased through: Broadway Offers

Purchase tickets 14 days or more prior to performance date:
All performances: Selected Orchestra and Mezzanine: $69.

Purchase tickets 7-13 days prior to performance date:
All performances : Selected Orchestra and Mezzanine: $79.

Purchase tickets 6 days or less prior to performance date:
All performances: Selected Orchestra and Mezzanine: $89.

Mezzanine rows J-L: $49.50 (except Saturday evenings) regardless of purchase date.

All prices include a $2 facility fee. Offer valid now through 1/2/11 for performances through 1/2/11.
Blackout dates may apply. There is an 8 ticket limit per order/person/week.


A Celebration of the Music & Legacy of Fela Anikulapo Kuti
Featuring The Chicago Afrobeat Project + DJS Tone B Nimble & King Scratch
Chicago, Illinois
October 13, 2010

808kids presents the 2nd Annual FELAbration
With dj soul.profess & special guest DJ Cecil (thepeople / Yoruba Dance Sessions)
Recess at Somar Bar & Lounge
Oakland, CA
October 13, 2010

Music By Rich Medina & Visuals by Mark Hines
w/ Doc Gibbs, New World Review (NYC Debut), & special guests
(Le) Poisson Rouge
October 14, 2010

YORUBA DANCE SESSIONS celebrates Fela Anikulapo Kuti
With DJ/Producer Carlos Mena and DJ Cecil
Oakland, California
October 14, 2010

Afro Funke
Afro Funke @ Zanzibar
With Resident DJs Jeremy Sole, Glenn Red + Host Rocky Dawuni + Special Guests TBA
Los Angeles, California
October 14, 2010

With DJ Kemit, DJ Ausar, Omar Phillips, Giwayen Mata
595 North Event Venue
Atlanta, Georgia
October 16, 2010

Felabration 2010 with Zozo Afrobeat
Shrine World Music Venue
October 21, 2010

Fela Kuti Day
With AfroBeat Down
Worldbeat Cultural Center
San Diego, California
October 23, 2010

Jazztronica Saturdays Presents: Felabration 2010
With DJ Chicken George, El John Selector (Thievery Corporation), Northstar Groovement
Austin, Texas
October 23, 2010

With a Fela tribute by Ikebe Shakedown and Special Guests
And DJs from the Fela Undustrial Complex (theFUC)
The Knitting Factory
Brooklyn, New York
October 25, 2010

Lunchbox Theory Presents: Afrobeat for Ya Soul!
With DJ Underdog and A Special Fela Tribute Band
Bossa Lounge
Washington, D.C.
October 28, 2010

Uhuru Afrika presents Fela Lives!
With selectors Adam Gibbons, KC Hallett AKA ‘KCiv’ The Fela Edit King, Max Pela
And master percussionist Sidy Maiga + visuals by Jay Medina
MilkyWay at the Brewery
Boston, Massachusetts
October 28, 2010

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  1. I would love to go see Fela as a fellow African and an aspiring revolutionary. Plus I got a friend that I would love to accompany me who happens to be Yuroba lol. Thanks Fader!!

  2. B. says:

    *rick james voice* FELAAAABRAATIONNN.

  3. Martin G. says:

    Fela for Life! Hope I win, would love to see this!

  4. berrisite says:

    I’m ready to take a trip to Lagos. Pick me!!!! Pick me!!! i wana chill in the kute-T!!

  5. Sean Biederman says:

    I would love to see the show again or get the reissues to keep the spirit alive.

  6. gia says:

    i’ve been dying to see this!

  7. Vanessa Castillo says:

    Pick me!

  8. dey says:

    i would love to win the reissues please :D !!!

  9. Vlad says:


    Let’s start what we have come into the room to do!

    OH YEAH.

    Would love to win the reissues or the tickets! Love Fela.

  10. MRK says:

    I hadn’t heard about ‘em.

  11. John says:

    Reissue me! Coffin for Head of State 2012.

  12. Jeff says:


  13. just downloaded his la sessions album last weekend…hook me up with some kuti!

  14. jamie says:

    going to see Fela! this weekend …….. one of the alltime greats!!!!


  15. Steve Peter says:


  16. I’m stuck out on the California coast (admittedly, not a bad place to be stuck,) so no tix for me, but I would love some re-issues to help me FELABRATE GOOD TIMES, COME ON.

  17. The Sir says:

    I’m dyin for some culture

  18. ooh i haven’t been to a broadway play before. i was with fader @ the brooklyn bowl the one time. this play should be inspirational. I’ve been seeing flyers and billboards advertising it with fairly good reviews. Good job Fader!!!

  19. Nadia Ce-Mescudi says:


  20. shek b says:

    being from Sierra Leone it’s dope to have a play reppin 4 my Africans, would love to see it

  21. mwmwmw says:

    oh man oh man oh man i would love those reissues soooo much. indulge me please!

  22. michael says:

    Never thought I’d say this, but I’ve GOT to get to broadway in the next month. Both Fela Kuti AND Pee Wee Herman stage shows?? Damn!

  23. Patrick Wojahn says:

    Would love to see Fela on the stage, in a sense anyway.

  24. Rob says:

    Im real close to NYC now so I would love to have a something to do down there!

  25. sosa says:

    It would be dope to see Fela’s music and life conveyed on stage. He was an incredible man.

  26. john dimartino says:

    please consider me for this prize because fela makes me feel good. thanks mate

  27. shek b says:

    happy bday lets felabrate together……

  28. FELLLLLLLLA! we tried to go in june but we couldn’t score a babysitter in a pinch. now everybody wants to watch this chick! have sympathy on a new dad!

  29. AC says:

    would be stoked about any fela related prize.

  30. Peter says:

    I’d love the discs. Thank you.

  31. Vinyl Ritchie says:

    i’ll Roforofo Fight for that Expensive Shit. . . jump Upside Down and I Go Shout Plenty if I be winner. . .Gentlemen. . . Before I Jump Like Monkey Give me the prizes!

  32. JRFOXX says:

    Please I need this in my collection! It takes me back to being in Lagos and NOT being allowed to go to Fela’s shrine as I was underage and it was kinda dodgy, we watched through the fences though

  33. Richard Leighton says:

    You’d make me the happiest fela alive if you awarded these to me – I have a MAJOR hole in my collection, and I need these badly. The show would be a nice bonus…

  34. Keith says:

    Sign me up, I’d love to check out the musical – but I’d also gladly listen to the cds.

  35. This is going to be the sickest show ever. The trailer looks hot, the story of Fela Kuti is unbelieveable and true and…there is a show on my birthday..what more could a girl ask for…(end shameless self-promotion) except for you to vote for my friend DJ SALINGER who entered the Fela! remix contest by Indaba Music. Check him out and vote so he can win some Fela merch too.

  36. tom shannon says:

    I know very little about Fela Kuti, so this will be a great learning experience. Thanks for the opportunity! — Tom Shannon

  37. chris says:

    basically, without Fela i wouldn’t be making music today. nuff respect to the President of the Kalakuta Republic. consider me in!

  38. kristina says:

    Do I even have to say how amazing the opportunity to go would be? I’m pretty sure it’s evident, but I’m still gonna cross my fingers, say a prayer and consult a magician to increase my odds!

  39. DINOTOPIA says:

    HEY so FELA it up because that man walked with death for decades and won that shit out. COFFINS

  40. prof Babacar says:

    Fela was a door opener for the Africans in the western world and a mind opener in Africa.
    To be healed by the wonderful music of the master is a blessing I long for.
    But It’s God’s will and in his hands I remain.
    Let the weapon of the future bless you all