Video: Mark Ronson & the Business Int’l f. Boy George, “Somebody to Love Me”


Getting Boy George for a track was a pretty major coup for Mark Ronson and, frankly, a coup for Boy George too—the last big news we’d heard of him he was being picked off by the cops for alleged drug possession and doing time for false imprisonment of a male escort, more gossip stops in the sad path of veteran musicians with great talent and vulnerable stars. “Somebody to Love Me” is an especially poignant song, reflecting not just his current state of affairs but possibly invoking the homophobia he had to endure in the ’80s (and presumably now, too). So director Saam Farahmand’s clip for the track, recreating a wild weekend in 1982 with a Boy doppelganger and a fake beta cam, is the sweetest, saddest thing, a real homage to a great star in a time when he could use it. Epilogue: fake Boy George is looking insanely Rayanne Graff in this video (or vice versa). Watch it over at Dazed, who have the exclusive.

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