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Lazer Sword f. Turf Talk, "I'm Gone (Rustie RMX)" MP3


What happens when three of your favorite things meld together on a track? Bright beacons of light shoot out of your mouthpiece, apparently. Scottish twerk-funk monger Rustie actually makes a ridiculous amount of sense backing (underrated?) West Coast rapper Turf Talk—together with the original space cases Lazer Sword, this sounds like a turfin contest shot up with 8-bit potato guns while somebody tries to ghostride a hover board. It's controlled chaos, four warped takes on hyphy from four different parts of the world (Lazer Sword's originally from LA and Berlin) colliding into one another. This is from Lazer Sword's debut LP, out November 12. Also, pretty sure they are in an unofficial contest with Rustie for prog-nerdist album cover. We call it a tie.

Download: Lazer Sword f. Turf Talk, "I'm Gone (Rustie RMX)"

Lazer Sword f. Turf Talk, "I'm Gone (Rustie RMX)" MP3