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Listen to Pablo Picasso's First Album

Right about now, Brooklyn's Pablo Picasso are stepping onstage at The FADER Fort NYC 2010, the band's only show during CMJ, a statistical anomaly these days. We first heard about them from Journal via Tim Barber, and the only place you can hear the music is streaming on their website or when they decide to play a show. We kind of love that, but only because the music is good enough to warrant the effort in the first place. Pablo Picasso doesn't sound like much else in New York right now, especially Darius Greyson's outlandishly awesome and guttural old man voice, so of course we like it. If you're around come check them out today or the next random time they play a show in New York (it does happen).

Stream: Pablo Picasso, Pablo Picasso

Listen to Pablo Picasso's First Album