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Mount Kimbie and Kanye West: The Missing Link


On November 23rd, Hotflush is releasing Mount Kimbie's Blind Night Errand EP. There's a live take of "Maybes," first released nearly two years ago, but whose 1:30 bass drop will make us cry forever. The new version's not that different except the pitched up vocals get reverbed ‘til infinity, cued not once but a million times over and over. If we were Mount Kimbie we'd do the same thing. It's like Kanye at the VMAs: the best/worst part of “Runaway” was that MPC. It was the first time we heard the song and we loved it, and when he released it on iTunes a week later without the 5,000 WHO GOTCHAs we were weirdly bummed. He never cued the samples exactly right and nearly obliterated Pusha T's verse, but for a guy we first followed for producing "Izzo (H.O.V.A.)," watching him smash pads in 2010 was the most beautiful thing. Everything's okay, you can go Four Loko and still come home. So go crazy, both of you’s, it’s your show. That shit's been perfect, just hit the pad again.

Stream: Blind Night Errand EP
CNL002 - Mount Kimbie by Hotflush

Mount Kimbie and Kanye West: The Missing Link