Suite903: Willow Smith is the Best Worst Thing Not Smoking

Now when it comes to naming the dopest R&B singers in the game, I will not fake the funk, I am dumb silly common with my choices: Drake, Chris Brown, Rihanna, Alicia Keys, (fill in the blank(s)), right? Right.....

However, the focus of this post is merely on a kid singer by the name of Smith, Willow Smith. For errryone not familiar with the "Whip My Hair" record, well, this youngster happens to be the nine-year-old (well, 10 come October 31st) murking radio stations and illegal Internet hosting music sites by not only having an ill record but by being the daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith.

Sure, parents are not everything, right? Who cares if her brother is Jaden and has starred in big flicks already? But in this particular case, Willow has invaded an area of culture typically not seen by anyone under the age of 13. Come on, the kid is barely old enough to go and cop PG-rated movie tickets, and yet she has swag for days. So while Will and Jada are a good look and her sibling making flicks with Jackie Chan is all the better, she has one of the most respected co-signs and associations in music, period.


Yup, can you believe Willow is actually able to throw up the Roc Dynasty symbol amongst the likes of Kanye West and really be a part of the team? Geeesh, amazing is a funking understatement right about now. So while I am not here to give big ups to the little homie, I must admit, Willow Smith could easily be the best worst thing not smoking right about now....

Why, you may ask. Well, let's consider a few aspects to why Willow is definitely the best thing out: Besides proving the point that age ain't nothin' but a number, Willow defines breaking limits. Funk if you are not dating Diddy or at least spreading yourself out across the Internet with your... music. Funk if you do not have curses in your music. Willow is putting a steez into this R&B game which it has needed for quite a few years. Think about it, what Willow represents is a chance to be taken seriously and sell some records by doing what she does best, making music.

I love the idea of Willow being able to get past the bogus aspects which come with the media and gossip sites just based on her age alone. At nine going on ten, the worst she could be doing is drinking her parents' grape wine on the low-low, right? With this emphasis on being amazed at her age and inability to associate her with wack non-music related facets of the industry, the tunes really soar and almost become magnified times a hundred. Seriously.

Willow also shows or even reminds music heads about getting past the stereotypes like beauty and form. Within this little pint-sized singer rests a music lover who, with the help of driven parents, has been given a shot at capturing the public's attention almost unlike any other artist we have seen over the past 20 years, if I may say so myself.

The worst thing(s) about Willow? Sadly, those same attributes: the lack of gossip and non-music related rumors circulating about her. Whether we want to admit it or not, sex plays a huge role in music for some R&B fans (yours truly). Funk, think back to the soulful days with Marvin Gaye wanting to make sweet love to a pretty young thang or even Al Green saying let's stay together.......shucks, look at today where you have Rihanna half-naked on album single covers or Keri Hilson letting Kanye West spank her on camera. (laugh)

Think about it, shorties did not start really listening to Ray J until after the Kim Kardashian sex tape dropped. Fellas did not really give Cassie a chance until her "leaked" photos circulated across the Internet. So Willow's prevalence is like somebody replaced the hot weather report news chick with a "Kids Week" where each day features a student from PS-22 waving their hands across weather conditions across the Tri-State area. Ughhh...

Even worse, we have to age down our ears to her content. Sure, "Whip My Hair" sounds fun, but realizing the most "extreme" content on her Roc Nation debut will most likely involve a Social Studies teacher crush at best, is, well, a little depressing. Sorry, but hearing Rihanna wanting a rude boy to basically crush her guts, well, it is a bit fun and exotic. One thing I see being a big problem is wanting to sex up your girl (ladies, your fella) and hearing Willow Smith playing. Come on, kid, kissing up and down on your lover while Willow is singing, well, it would feel just as awkward as masturbating in your living room with your grandparents' framed 60th anniversary portrait staring at you. Ughhh... just wrong.

At the end of the day, I love/hate what Willow Smith brings. Sadly, I cannot lean more so in one of the directions and I cannot admit to being indifferent to the situation. Only time will tell what happens with homegirl, until I can cope with my issues, I shall continue counting down Miley Cyrus' final days before she hits 18.....

Suite903: Willow Smith is the Best Worst Thing Not Smoking