LA: Win Tickets to See Glasser Next Week


Los Angeles, our favorite elusive redheaded chanteuse shall be playing the Troubadour next week on Wednesday, November 3, and we’ve got some tickets to give away, along with a signed vinyl of Glasser’s debut, Ring. If you haven’t yet seen her, she puts on a captivating show—just check out some video of her FADER Fort performance last weekend—so you should definitely enter by telling us how you feel about her music in the comments. Be sure to leave your real email address so we can tell you if you’ve won, and good luck!

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  1. Andy says:

    I really love her album RING. Her unique voice and the unorthodox percussion sounds are a match made in heaven. I would be very pleased to win the vinyl & tix to her show. I’ve probably listened to this CD more than any other in the past month or two.


  2. Nik Gomez says:

    I loved her EP, and after being reminded by this, I’ll check out the LP she released.

  3. rilla says:

    glasser is probably the best new group out on true panther sounds, compared to deloreon and tanlines, she is so much better. im hoping she gets a big following like st. vincent.

  4. Jack says:

    The first heard Glasser was a streaming version of Homea few months ago. I was immediately interested in just how accessable such odd rhythms could be for a vocal orientated performance. It would not be out of the question for such an off-center tribal beat to feature as part of a wider beat pallet on say a Night Slugs or a Numbers release, but I was shocked at how listenable the track was despite not being made for th dance floor.
    I kept an eye on what was happening with Glasser and got their album two weeks ago. I have to say that I don’t really buy vocally lead albums so much. I find that a there are few vocalists or MCs with enough personality and skill to carry an entire album. I’m glad to say Mesirow is one of those few. Its so nice to come across album filled with songs that fuse pops accessibility with the avant gardes sensibility. The juxtaposition has pulled more than one album to pieces in the past.
    I’m a new Glasser fan but think she is extremely talented and would love to her how the material works live.

  5. C'mon, man says:

    I was going to attempt to write something in-depth, but I’m fucking stoned and Jack has got me beat. Anyways… I want to see that fucking show. I like Glasser’s music (duh). I will be sure to bring enough 4 Loko for everyone. SEE YOU THERE.