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Stream: Steve Moore, "Zero-Point Field"

photographer Shawn Brackbill

Thursday, October 28th. We were feeling hung over and forgot to eat breakfast and were generally trudging through the day. Went out to get lunch and WHUH-POW. Heat wave, bros, what the hell. It's flirting awfully close to milkshake weather SO THAT'S WHAT WE GOT. AND NOW WE FEEL GREAT!!!!!! Only one song can possibly capture the supreme focus we now possess: Steve Moore's latest techno blaster, "Zero-Point Field." As half of Pittsburgh's Zombi, Moore's no stranger to getting us off our asses. Something about those synths, they're like a magnifying glass to the sun / our to-do lists. Can't wait to ride this one out, it's about to be the most productive nine minutes of the year. Think we're gonna finish our novel. Pick up the 12-inch, out next week, here or at A-1 Records in NYC.

Stream: Steve Moore, "Zero-Point Field"

Stream: Steve Moore, "Zero-Point Field"