Contest: Win This Crazy George Harrison Reissue

George Harrison

DO NOT ENTER THIS CONTEST. No JK, you totally should. It’s just that we realllly would love to have this in our own grubby paws and are already jealous of whoever wins it. All Things Must Pass is a great, weird, hugely influential record that has long deserved the fancy 40th Anniversary vinyl reissue treatment. To win a copy, hit us in the comments with your favorite solo record from a Beatles dude. NBD if it’s not this one, we just want to know! As always, remember to use a legit email address so we can let you know you won.

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  1. Mary says:

    Shaved Fish was a compilation album of John Lennon’s solo singles that had one of my favorite all time Lennon tracks, “Cold Turkey” about his withdrawals from his brief heroin addiction. The song starts with John’s ghostly vocals and ends with some rocking guitar and John screaming and moaning, one might guess in withdrawal but it just ends up sounding pretty sexy.

    I put a picture of young George Harrison in a locket when I was a child of eight. I wore it everyday in the belief that a 45 year age difference wasn’t that much and that he would probably fall in love with me one day. I was still harboring that fantasy when he died.

  2. Randy M. says:

    Ram by Paul McCartney!

  3. Dark Horse says:

    All Things Must Pass is #1, but George’s Living in the Material World Is a close #2!!!! Also, his posthumous album “Brainwashed” is a MASTERPIECE!! :D

  4. Liba says:

    Electronic Sound by George Harrison

  5. Liba says:

    Electronic Music by George Harrison

  6. L. says:

    Imagine by John Lennon

  7. Lana Gavin says:

    My favorite George Harrison album is Cloud Nine. I love each and every song on the album, which is very rare for me. I think George was at his peak on this album and it was great to be able to have new music from him.

  8. Manolo says:

    John Lennon/ Plastic Ono Band is my favorite solo album from any of the Beatles.
    the rawness in Lennon’s voice is just amazing. and the songwriting! fucking brilliant.
    my second favorite is All Things Must Pass, though (:

  9. Manolo says:

    My favorite solo album from the Beatles would have to be John Lennon/ Plastic Ono Band.
    The rawness on his vocals is amazing, and the songwriting is fucking brilliant.
    The first time I heard “God”, it was almost a religious experience.

    All Things Must Pass is my second favorite, though (:

  10. manolo says:

    john lennon/ plastic ono band

  11. Lena says:

    All Things Must Pass by George Harrison :) It’s outstanding & I love everything about it!

  12. Lena says:

    All Things Must Pass by George Harrison :) It’s outstanding & I love it!

  13. alex says:

    john lennon / imagine

  14. GR says:

    Band on the Run, my secret shame.

  15. Connor says:

    John Lennon: Mind Games

  16. Mike LaFerney says:

    George Harrison -Living in the material world

  17. DB says:

    Ringo! Someone had to say it. Photograph is that song.

  18. Matt says:

    All Things Must Pass. Hands down!

  19. gabe says:

    Plastic Ono Band is great, but All Things Must Pass has always been my fave. So damn good.

  20. Raph says:

    George Harrison – All things must pass

  21. Eric says:

    “Chaos and Creation in the Backyard”

  22. Fraser Smith says:

    Paul Mc Cartneys RAM has always been high on my list, but there are sooooo many great tracks on All things must pass… it really blew my mind the first time I heard it.

  23. Evan says:

    My favorite is All Things Must Pass, far and away.

  24. Chris says:

    George Harrison’s “All Things Must Pass” because there are songs on this album that were actually written while The Beatles were still together, namely, the title track, which is on The Beatles’ “Anthology 3″. I always felt that at least some of the songs on this album would have probably been Beatles songs if they hadn’t broken up – or if Lennon/McCartney didn’t suppress George’s songwriting talents as much as they did. Check out this interview at about 5:40 –

    Regardless though, I’m so glad that George got some shine being solo because he really came through with stellar songwriting and a SOLID album with this one.

  25. Vlad says:


    and my fav solo album is Thirty Three & 1/3 by George Harrison.


  26. Vincent says:

    All Things Must Pass, because I’m boring.

  27. chris k says:

    MY fave post-Beatle release WINGS OVER AMERICA Live DoubleLP!

  28. matt says:

    All Things Must Pass

  29. christopher says:

    all things must pass for sure!!!!

  30. Alex P says:

    Ram by Paul, God’s favorite Beatle.
    All Things Must Pass is #2.

  31. Andy says:

    Double Fantasy (John Lennon). Because of the song “Woman”.

  32. raustin says:

    RAM by paul & linda what’s up

  33. Javier says:

    All Things Must Pass
    Harrison is a legend

  34. Mark says:

    Let it Roll is current fave if you count compilations; if not, them ATMP

  35. Paul & Linda McCartney – Ram. I think it’s totally on par with the Beatles’ catalogue proper, but it’s also quite forward-thinking. “Monkberry Moon” could be released by Modest Mouse tomorrow and still sound relevant and great. It’s sort of proto-everything.

    But hey! I’m not really familiar with this Harrison joint, and what better way to have my mind blown than by winning this incredible reissue?! PLZ CHANGE MY LIFE, FADER, KTHXBAI

  36. Andy says:

    Paul’s 1st solo album. “Every Night” is vastly underrated!

  37. Peter says:

    George’s “Wonderwall Music”
    This album was one of the first albums I got from my Dad in 1968. It is one of the most interesting albums any of the Beatles ever made. Foreign and exotic, and a snapshot of the Indian influence’s that George was bringing into the Beatles sound.
    If it weren’t for this album, who knows what direction the Beatles would have gone?

  38. April says:

    instant karma-lennon legend

  39. Ben says:

    My favorite Beatles solo is probably BRAINWASHED by Harrison. For me, it was like taking classic George songwriting but adding contemporary production and musicianship……kind of like All Things Must Pass in the 21st Century.

  40. Laura DeLuca says:

    When I was little I loved What I Like About You my George Harrison. I still remember the video of the guy trying to win the stuffed animal from the crane

  41. fabe goldar says:

    imagine-john lennon

  42. RiCo says:

    Imagine – John Lennon

  43. Robin Roberts says:

    Imagine-John Lennon

  44. I love John Lennon’s album, Imagine.

  45. Kaitlin Firstbrook says:

    Living in the Material World : George Harrison

  46. abe says:

    Is this contest still going on? My favorite is Walls and Bridges by Mr. John Lennon of the Beatles. Also I like Cloud Nine by George Harrison for my own personal reasons which I don’t need to justify to anybody. Please make me win!

  47. Neal says:

    Ringo Starr’s Time Takes Time

  48. Michael Snyder says:

    I hate to admit it but Band on the run just does it for me