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Ghostface Killah, "Together Baby" MP3


Always feel weird when a Wu dude gets frustrated and is like, FINE I KNOW WHAT YOU WANT SO I WILL GIVE YOU EXACTLY THAT. And it's like, are you doing this for you or doing it for us? Because if you're doing it for us then we feel a little like we're imposing. Telling an artist how to do their art is never a good look. But then at the same time, when Raekwon put out OB4CL2, it sounded so right. Not as vital as the first one, but not forced either. Ghostface is in that same territory with "Together Baby," doing the high energy, abstract yelping over soul samples thing that he does so well.

Download: Ghostface Killah, "Together Baby" (via Nah Right)

Ghostface Killah, "Together Baby" MP3