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House of Ladosha, "Witches of Bushwick" MP3

It's been entirely too long since House of Ladosha sashayed all over our radar. Entirely too long because the boys in the band are the only ones around with lines like this: Twist his bone and bend his back/ Trim him of that baby fat. Oh Ladosha, no one is more sweet and romantic than you. SIKE. That gem of a line is from Ladosha's new song "Witches of Bushwick", a song in good dark, thumping company on K48's mix of gloomy knights like Light Asylum, SALEM, and Mirror Mirror. Ladosha, don't stay away too long this time, we need your sass and sparkle.

Download: House of Ladosha, "Witches Of Bushwick"

House of Ladosha, "Witches of Bushwick" MP3