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Premiere Stream: Excepter, "Mazes of Death"

Okay so Excepter. Not for everyone. Sometimes not for us and we generally like Excepter. It's a mystery what you're gonna get with one of their live shows. Sometimes it's endless hypnotic drone and something that sounds like a radiator hissing. Other times it turns into some sort of yelping digital excursion into pulsing warped dub. On record, the band generally tends to lean in one direction or the other, which usually leads to us attempting to cope with a lot of crazy shit for those nuggets of amazingness. This tape, which is made up of a live recording from Death by Audio in October, 2009, features the band performing "obscured to the audience and alienated from each other, starting early and playing late. Shares title with a Philip K. Dick novel in which an isolated group of space colonists consider the absolute as their mutual hallucination crumbles around them." Sounds about right! In general though, it's pretty much a perfect overview of what Excepter are all about, if you're down to get weird listen below. And if you're down with tapes, order one right here.

Excepter - Maze of Death by dog daze tapes

Premiere Stream: Excepter, "Mazes of Death"