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Soft Circle, "Treading Water" MP3


When Hisham Bharoocha increased his Soft Circle project from solo to duo/trio last year and started playing a bunch of new songs, it probably only took us a couple minutes to run up on him after a show and ask when all this was going to manifest itself on a record. He looked deep into our souls and said something like, "Yeah man, soon." That was over a year ago, and we've had to hold a lot of crystals to stay calm waiting. The wait is now over, with Soft Circle's new album, Shore Obsessed, now out on Dean Spunt of No Age's Post Present Medium label. Bharoocha has moved on from intense moaning over tight percussion to writing straight up pop songs, with a philosophic and sophisticated bent of course. You can buy it now directly from PPM.

Download: Soft Circle, "Treading Water"

Soft Circle, "Treading Water" MP3