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Lady Chann f. Sticky, "Sticky Situation (Part Two)" MP3

Lots of guys from planet Earth have probably tried this number and failed. A remote few have succeeded: he loves you, he loves her, it's a sticky situation. UK dancehall mistress Lady Chann puts the kibosh on that little number in "Sticky Situation Part 2"– as if you'd get the chance to ask twice– the sequel to UK club producer and Garage extraordinaire, Richard "Sticky" Forbes' possibly anecdotal track "Sticky Situation Part 1". Since Sticky is celebrating his birthday with London's favorite bashment party Hot Wuk, the crew over at Heatwave are sending the festivities overseas with this sunny Monday free load of party goodness (cue in Sami Sanchez Intro after consumption of morning coffee). Too bad it doesn't work towards his cause, even if it is his birthday.

Download: Lady Chann f. Sticky, "Sticky Situation (Part Two)"

Lady Chann f. Sticky, "Sticky Situation (Part Two)" MP3