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Korallreven, "Honey Mine (Lissvik Remix)" MP3


You may recognize the name Lissvik as one half of the dudes behind Studio, the stoniest chillers of them all. Now that Studio have been off the scene for a bit, we'll take their brand of weeded out vacation jams wherever we can get them. So here's Lissvik's remix of Korallreven's "Honey Mine," it sounds kind of like a drugstore, but a cool one. Like, you know that one in Greenpoint that has a disco ball in it? No? Well, that exists. So yeah, this song sounds like a drugstore in Brooklyn with a disco ball in it that used to be a roller rink. As usual, this is all coming to you courtesy of Acephale.

Download: Korallreven, "Honey Mine" (Lissvik Remix)

Korallreven, "Honey Mine (Lissvik Remix)" MP3