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Wiz Khalifa Spends $10,000 a Month on Weed, May Be A “Bad Guy”

November 16, 2010

Last summer after Rock The Bells in New York, lanky Pittsburgh born rapper Wiz Khalifa told an interviewer that he easily spent more than ten grand on weed every 30 days. He also asked them if it made sense that he would tell people to "get fucked up in 2010 and 2011, but don't get fucked up." Wizzle, we understand, that is our life motto. But dude, you got fucked up! This time last week, 45 minutes after starting the East Carolina University show on his "Waken Baken Tour 2010", Wiz Khalifa's got his bus got raided and arrested and hit with one misdemeanor two felony drug charges.

Wiz is taking this like a seasoned "super villain, outlaw, renegade", not too hazed that some folks will be looking at him sideways now. "Bad Boy" is a good delinquent-driving out to the party song. Unless you've been chiefing any portion of Khalifa's sour diesel stash rolled up in Wiz Khalifa brand papers, in which case you may bug the fuck out when these quick synths start feeling real alarm-y. Or maybe you're way bad and can handle that kind of thing?

Download: Wiz Khalifa, "Bad Guy"

Wiz Khalifa Spends $10,000 a Month on Weed, May Be A “Bad Guy”