Video: Hot Chip, Bernard Sumner, and Hot City, “I Didn’t Know What Love Was”

To create this dance heater, Converse helped Alexis Taylor and Joe Goddard of Hot Chip get together with British dance duo Hot City and dreamy guru/founding member of Joy Division and New Order Bernard Sumner. The song is sort of cinematic on its own, but Andreas Nilsson stepped in to create a twitchy video for the track. In the clip, Bernard walks into a room for waiting that seems like a low-rent, European version of the condo in Fiona Apple’s “Criminal” video. Then it becomes a room for karaoke! Sumner is shape-shifting while singing, being watched by a Power Rangers putty and a whole row of guys in church shirts and purple pants. There’s stop motion ostriches, snare drumming in the woods and fruit maracas before Sumner eases back into the passenger seat of his unmarked car. Suspense! Grab the song right here.

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