Sheek Louch f. Jeremih, “Party After 2″ MP3


A woozy toast song for the drink after the drink you shouldn’t have gone for. Sheek probably wrote it a while ago cause he compliments the white girl among the rainbow brood he brought back to the Syrah party at his home spot for liking Obama. Jeremih sounds a little like Kelz, butter-knifing through the lagging basement room piano glitter. Here’s hoping your uncle or gramps brings some kind of cognac this year for ya’ll to sip on after football on that five-star couch in the den.

Download: Sheek Louch f. Jeremik “Party After 2″

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  1. nicolas bermeo says:

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  2. Sir Indie says:

    It’s a cool song…nothing “extraordinary”, but I’d bob my head if I heard it in a lounge.