Who Did It Better on This T-Minus Beat, T.I. and Drake or Wiz Khalifa?


Wiz Khalifa is either the Julian Assange of rap and leaked this before T.I. could or T-Minus sold this beat to him and T.I. without either of them knowing. Regardless, as much as we love “Black And Yellow,” Wiz plays the Roethlisberger to Tip and Drake’s Richard Seymour on this one, though his hook is a lot funnier. Also, Drake’s line about Tip not going back to jail is depressing, which earns it minus points. Maybe it’s a tie.

Download: Wiz Khalifa, “Real Estate”

Download: T.I. f. Drake, “Poppin’ Bottles”

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  1. marblez777 says:

    I’m always feeling T.I.P. & Drake, but I gots to give credit where credit is due. TIP, if that is your beat, Wizzle Man just MURDERED your shhhhhh!!!!