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Download Oro 11 and Chief Boima's Banana Clipz EP


Last week we anticipated this seven song EP from Banana Clipz, a project from the sometimes-Oakland stationed production duo Oro 11 and Chief Boima. We also got a little stiff thinking about how pale we are going to become in the near futuro. Thanks to the dudes at Bersa Discos and Ghetto Bassquake, our hips, at least, are feeling a little softer now. Hard to call any one part of the happy casserole of cumbia, coupé decalé and indigenous tropics noises filtered through a megawatt apple laptop better than another. There's some dizzy blip and superhero smack piccolo lift. On "Sweet Girl Love", the gulped meeting of Black Nature and Missy Galore's voices feels like burnt sugar stretched and puffed into an inflatable pool recliner. Eddie Stats mixed "Talking Drum" into the Style and Swagga Riddim in Ghetto Palms 82 (and followed that up with an Einstein track that we recommend over anything else as a mood neutralizer) where it sounded real puff chested, but the rework here is all molasses bubble mallet. In the Children of Men future, we think we'll listen to music like this except harsher, turned more dubsteppy or whatever we'll call it then. It's okay if we miss that international crisis party though, think we like this (and the trees and oceans we have left still) just fine. Download the whole EP here! Tracklist after the jump.

1. Push Am
2. War Dem Want feat. MC Tidal
3. Crisis Remix feat. Khady Black
4. Sweet Girl feat. Black Nature & Missy Galore
5. Talking Drum
6. Afro Latino feat. Los Rakas
7. Coupe Cumbia

Download Oro 11 and Chief Boima's Banana Clipz EP