Stream: Jazmine Sullivan, “Luv Back”


Maybe you got went a little crazy on Cyber Monday and bought a whole bunch of slippers and layering tees and when you get them next week you’ll realize that 25% off doesn’t make whack stuff worth it and you should try to give them back. It’ll probably be a clean break, if you’re on top of the situation. Jazmine Sullivan is acting like love can also be returned to sender. Baby, it is not that simple! When you’re finished with an affair, you can not always insta-retrieve the effort and heart muscle that went in. But no doubt that one of the best ways to pretend that’s not true is to smother the hurt with belted dogmatic mantras. Jazmine’s 2008 debut single single “Need U Bad” rode her gospel lungs hard over a smooth reggae groove. She’s down the same avenue for this fun sign-off track from her new album, lifting the “Hold Yuh” riddim, Ricky Blaze’s landmark achievement on behalf of humankind, towards heaven where it belongs. It blows our minds that Jazmine Sullivan is only 23. We met her and she said she doesn’t even practice singing she just sings and then talked about how much she loves her dog. Jazmine, we love your dog and won’t take it back. Preview “Luv Back” here then snatch Love Me Back, out today.

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