Jim Jones f. Juelz Santana, “Perfect Day” MP3 (aka Sweet Dipsteen Anthem)


The Dipset reunion concert on Black Friday proved that there is no squabble that can’t be settled with a little diplomacy. The dudes looked genuinely happy to be back together and will now hopefully create some old magic in the studio. In the meantime, let’s just consider “Perfect Day” as a sort of afterglow of reconciliation, a second honeymoon, of sorts, where the glow clouds judgment. At the same time, they may just be making their own corny ’80s anthems for the Heatmakerz to chipmunk down the line in order to save money. They’re smart like that, the Diplomats. Don’t put it past them.

*That is a photo of lil’ Jim and Juju, mini-Dips, Dougie instructors. They probably love this song.

Download: Jim Jones f. Juelz Santana, “Perfect Day”

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  1. Lee Stuart says:

    is that really juelz? it doesnt sound like him..
    chink santana, yes? juelz santana, no?