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Virgin Forest, "That's Alright" MP3

Back in 2008 we discovered that Virgin Forest—a group made up of dudes who back Phosphorescent live—had made an album's worth of material available for free in the most inconvenient way possible, short of standing on a ladder with a physical CD and pulling it higher when we tried to jump for it. It was spread across multiple MySpace pages (Ahem Lil B). After two years and some change, they've recorded some new stuff and put an entire album together for convenient, non-MySpace consumption. "That's Alright" is from the album Joy Atrophy, which is a fitting name. This track, and the rest of the record are some of the most clear-eyed downer folk songs we've heard in years. Not a bad thing though—life is screwy, and it's nice to hear a band so perfectly capture the times when emotions get the better of logic and you're like MY WHOLE LIFE HAS CHANGED BECAUSE OF LOVE. Maybe not actually, but being human is weird and this band totally gets that.

Download: Virgin Forest, "That's Alright"

Virgin Forest, "That's Alright" MP3