Daily Inspiration: Gina Thompson f. Missy Elliott, “The Things You Do”

This morning we posted a song from Diddy‘s new album, which he’s making with the help of two women friends, Dawn Richards and Kalenna Harper. In time, Diddy’s had a lot of women come in and out of his domain. Today we’re thinking fondly of Gina Thompson, who Diddy gave a two album run on Bad Boy from ’96 til ’99. In this video he’s Diddy before Diddy, Puff Combs when he still hadn’t run a marathon or had other people make clothes in his name. Just little sunglasses, sitting with Biggie in Central Park, Biggie wearing a hat he bought off some dude on Fulton, probably. Then still-big Missy says “hit me on my car phone, if you got the hydro”?! We would wear Gina’s outfit, scoop white tank with high waisted black jeans, stacked sandals, and purple frosted lip gloss, head to toe right here right now, but feel strongly that car phones are way dangerous and glad that’s over.

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  1. Sir Indie says:

    Haha! Nicely done. Speaking of which, what has Missy Elliot been up to lately? Don’t hear much from her (publicly amongst the masses) anymore…

  2. SethP says:

    Makes me yearn for days past, when the “things/makes” subject/verb disagreement didn’t bother me.