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Stream: Tanlines' Volume On

photographer James Ryang

Living in Europe is a double edged sword. Free health care, good child care, ample vacation, assorted cultures, Ryanair, etc. But then there is the whole super high taxes and having to import music from America (because we have all the jams). Haha well jokes on you Europe, we have the internet. You probably have the internet, too (never been to Europe to find out, too xenophobic/agoraphobic/ugly), but presuming you don't, Tanlines has made their mostly American releases (except that 12-inch for "New Flowers" on UK label Young Turks—but don't British people call the rest of Europe "Europe"?) available on a double CD, Volume On that will not see release stateside. Fortunately with the power of SoundCloud, fellow Americans (and other non-Euros. Sup Canada/Mexico/Chilean miners looking for pick me ups, people who do the music supervision for Russian Seinfeld) can hear all of their mariachi quinceañera in Trinidad style songs in one place. Including a couple we haven't heard, like the ecstatic synthesizer workout "O Seizing the Day O," featuring Luke Jenner of The Rapture, and "Power Everything" which sounds like a Trinity Garden Cartel song title and sounds like a jump rope anthem for the babies born in Tron. And then it just sounds like warm feelings blossoming.

Stream: Tanlines, Volume On

Stream: Tanlines' Volume On