Shopped and Scrooged #6: Gwar 25th Anniversary Bottle Opener Key Chain


Join us as we count down to Winter Gift Day (December 25) with our picks for the best presents to bestow on friends and family and that dude you have to buy something for in the office.

What it is. Gwar 25th Anniversary Bottle Opener Key Chain

What is it? A handy way to commemorate a quarter century of rock ’n’ roll’s most oozing and spike-ridden band. In an era of Jackass and voluntary sex tape leaks, little in gross sin is still sacred. But Gwar has maintained a consistent level of icky vileness, rocking out with their butts out, squirting goo and wreaking amiable havoc.

Who do you give it to? Teenage boys with the stipulation that they should only open ginger beer with it, anyone who was once a teenage boy, dual leather chaps/puss fetishists who like to drink.

Where to get it. The Gwar store

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