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Campfires, "Chasing Planets" MP3

You know what sucked? Having to deal with people that were really into campfire singalongs. We're not talking about the little kid ones where everyone gets involved because you're six years old or whatever. We're more talking about when, as full grown adults, some guy would break out a guitar and sing "Tears in Heaven" or whatever and then somehow there'd be a bongo drum there? We're all for getting weird and playing music in nature, but there's a point when the supposed natural, impulsiveness of the act is overridden by a bunch of dudes who feel the need to turn a nice, peaceful campfire into clown city. "Chasing Planets" by Campfires has some of that ramshackle impulsiveness that we all hope to hear when you notice the person walking behind you on the trail happens to have a guitar, but never actually do. It's sloppy and rough, but also so undeniable.

Chasing Planets by Campfires

Campfires, "Chasing Planets" MP3