Stream: Holy Fuck, “Red Lights (A Place to Bury Strangers Remix)”


We’re not in a band but we do own stuff that cost us money, and for that reason we know how much it absolutely, deeply, deeply sucks to get your shit jacked, which is what happened to A Place to Bury Strangers recently in Rome. Luckily most of their equipment was safe, but it didn’t stop them from losing “1000 Euros in merch money, all of their suitcases and clothes, a lot of merch (t shirts, tote bags etc.), bassist Dion Lunadon’s New Zealand Passport & Green Card, the band’s Macbook Pro laptop and numerous personal items and various other gear.” The full list of stuff they lost is here. You can also still donate, because that is a lot of stuff. Meanwhile, the band, along with their tourmates Holy Fuck are giving this remix away for free. Initially it went to just the people that donated, and now it’s here for public consumption. It sounds like an updated version of Can’s harsh funk—stuttering basslines paired with driving drums and a razor thin buzzsaw guitar grind. It’s a jam.

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  3. Gemininja says:

    I love that i fell into seeing Holy Fuck with DoMakeSayThink in Chicago.
    It sucks that that the Strangers lost all their shit – but fucking suck it up. Why donate to people that are touring in places like Rome? Id trade being broke & naked and playing gigs in Europe anyday.