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Video: Lower Dens, "Batman"

There was a crescendo point at the end of this last summer, after we had to patch our bike tires over and over, battled with poison ivy and spent two weeks straight inside of the same pair of shortalls, when we opted out of our barbecue schedule because we could not imagine doing anything but sitting inside surrounded by our closest friends in dim light, getting up only to meditatively chop vegetables at appropriate intervals. In that breezy summer night moment we used Twin Hand Movement like a bible. It's hangover friendly, low register, washy and effortless but still complex, guitars carrying all the capacity for emotional wandering that, along with our store of electrolytes, had been vacuumed out of us. Lower Dens have been on tour all year, are probably ready for a break. They filmed "Batman", a new single release by Gnomonsong, at Different Fur Studios in San Francisco. It sounds like someone who's worked an upsetting job for twenty years realizing they could be sitting in the sun by a lake with a horchata popsicle. (Via Yours Truly)

Video: Lower Dens, "Batman"