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Girl Unit Live @ Mimm MP3


Someone left a copy of GTA: Liberty City Stories on our desk and we were reading the fake newspaper inside the box, not really paying attention to this mix / our jobs. All of a sudden it’s “Jumping Out the Window” on top and we’re like, okay. Tagging posts with Ron Browz in 2010, it's never too late. But now we’re thinking. When Girl Unit did Dollars to Pounds he said he wanted to work with La Chat and Nivea and Tweet (wow this beat is still kinda forward), all of a sudden this man’s making all our tag dreams come true. Now we’re listening to the mix again, diggin’ in the crates, “Wut” goes into Art of Noise and we’re like… omggg yeahhh.

Download: Girl Unit Live @ Mimm

Girl Unit Live @ Mimm MP3